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1 Article Email & Web Notifications

How can I disable push notifications about new stories?

6 Articles Account/Profile

How do I upload profile photo?

Why do you only use USD as a base currency for rates?

How do I change my profile photo?

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17 Articles Publishing Stories

How can I optimize my stories for search engines?

How does publishing a new story work?

Can I insert images and videos into my stories?

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2 Articles Wall Posts/Private Messages/Social Activity

Can I send/receive private messages?

Can I follow other members of The Open Mic community?

8 Articles Using The Open Mic and Finding Translators

How to send private messages to your friends and colleagues?

How do I find my friends and colleagues on The Open Mic?

Why don’t you make The Open Mic membership exclusive for professional translators only?

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17 Articles General Questions

Is registration mandatory?

Who designed The Open Mic?

Is there any way I can help you make The Open Mic better?

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