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1 Article Email & Web Notifications

How can I disable push notifications about new stories?

6 Articles Account/Profile

What to do if I'm having problems when updating my profile?

How do I upload profile photo?

How do I add a Call-To-Action button to my profile?

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17 Articles Publishing Stories

What happens when I click submit?

Can I preview my stories?

What’s the difference between categories and tags?

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2 Articles Wall Posts/Private Messages/Social Activity

Can I send/receive private messages?

Can I follow other members of The Open Mic community?

8 Articles Using The Open Mic and Finding Translators

How to send private messages to your friends and colleagues?

Will The Open Mic help me improve my online visibility?

What type of profile should I choose?

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17 Articles General Questions

How can The Open Mic help me be a better translator?

What is the idea behind The Open Mic?

I'm new to this profession. Is there any way I can help you?

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