Why don’t you make The Open Mic membership exclusive for professional translators only?

We wish we could, but who are we to decide whether you’re worthy of being admitted to this private club or not?

This creates a very controlled environment and kills all the transparency and freedom of speech which are the two most important values of The Open Mic.

When you create a private community this can seriously damage the quality of ideas being shared.

Strict moderation and overly complicated pre-approval process pushes great people away.

There are so many amazingly talented people who are being silent on Twitter, Facebook, Proz and other social networks simply because they feel like their input won’t be appreciated.

The Open Mic was designed to help them overcome that fear of public speaking and help them spread great ideas with the community that “gets it”.

We need to stop building walls in front of people and start talking openly and honestly about the things that matter.

That’s what The Open Mic designed for.

Honesty, openness, and transparency are the key to emotional and professional well-being.