Introducing: The Open Mic Support

Here, at The Open Mic, we believe in the power of human connection.

Building the next-generation translation community is not an easy task.

Sometimes you might encounter a bug or two or experience technical difficulties using our website or features.

Or you might have a hard time figuring out how this or that particular feature works.

That’s why we’re here for you.

We’re 100% committed to offering the best user experience in the translation industry, that’s why we developed this support system.

Send Us Your Questions

If you have a question just click the Submit a Ticket button above and our Happiness Champions we’ll be in touch with you shortly (normally within 24 hours or less).

Make sure you select the ticket type.

It can be Private (visible to you only) or Public (visible to other members of community).

Public tickets are like an online forum; anyone can reply!

Private tickets are just between you and us.

Oh, and don't forget to Sign In (you can use Facebook or Twitter it only takes a second).

That way we'll be able to reply to your tickets and send you notifications and updates.

Meet Mindy, Your Support Angel, I Mean Agent!

Even though it doesn't seem like it in that picture, we actually type our answers with our fingers and open hearts, not our furry butts.

Anywho... if you have any questions - just send us a ticket! :)


~ Your friends from The Open Mic